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10 facts about Vienna you should know

  1. Vienna is the capital of Austria.

  2. We speak German, but with a strong accent. We understand Germans very well, but they have sometimes a hard time with us.

  3. Vienna has 23 districts which are numbered and they also have a name. The so-called 1st district is the old city center where most tourist sights are in walking distance.

  4. Only few locals live in the 1st district.

  5. Vienna has been awareded as the city with the highest quality of living.

  6. Vienna enjoys a very good and efficient public transport system. There is no need for a taxi. From Friday to Sunday the underground system even runs 24 hours. It runs on honour base, therefore you need to "check in" when you start your journey.

  7. Eat outside of the 1st district or know where to go! Since the 1st district is deciated to tourism and a little bit of business, avoid tourist traps. Check out my recommendations for good restaurants. Be aware of the fact that the price level outside of the 1st district is lower.

  8. Never line up for restaurants or cofffee houses! Austrians have no culture for lining up. A line in front of a restaurant is a clear indicator that it caters to tourists only.

  9. Get used to cash! We are old-fashioned and although we are using credit and debit cards, we sill pay a lot with cash. There are ATMs almost around every corner. Be aware that some shops even find it rude when you want to pay with credit card.

  10. We do have migration. You may think that we all look they same and we all speak German - because you don't speak German. ;-) Truth is that we enjoy a lot of migration and since we are in the European Union, our member countries have the same right of living and working as we do.

Are you courious to learn a little bit more about us? Check out our Food Safari & Cooking Classes.

Hope to see you soon in Vienna, Bianca & Team

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