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Welcome to Vienna! My name is Bianca an Austrian chef, culinary host, food lover, globetrotter, economist and writer based in Vienna.


I am trained as chef, but also as economist that's why I used to work in banking, climate change and other fields before I published my 2 cook books, traveled again the world and started my own company Bianca is(s)t in 2015. Since then I culinary entertain our guests in Vienna together with my team. 


Do you want to know the meaning of my company name Bianca is(s)t? Join us in a class and we will let you know! ;-) 


our story
What our guests think about us
What our guests think about us

Charming and unique

A really great experience. We did a short food tour that ended up in Biancas appartment where we learned how to make Apfelstrudel the way Biancas mother -or was it grandmother - used to make it. 
Bianca is a wonderful person, I believe most people are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy themselves in her company. Original, witty and down to earth. Like hanging out with a friend - a really knowledgeable, enthusiastic and cool friend:)

3 / 3

Our Chefs


Hello, I am Katharina! I originally come from famous Salzburg, but moved to Vienna for my studies.


I grew up in a family with a long history of good cooks, thus I have always felt connected to the world of pleasure & food. Anyhow, I also got attracted by the theory of culture that's why I majored in ... 



Hello, I am Julia! I am a passionate Chef and Host.


Having a rather colorful résumé, my interest in food and cooking is actually the only passion that have stayed with me since early childhood. Actually, my first good memories of my childhood is, me sitting on the kitchen counter ...

monica bearbeitet.jpg


Hello, I am Monica!
I love the beautiful, aesthetic & enjoyable aspects of life.


I grew up in the US and have moved to Vienna several decades ago.

With three languages spanning two continents, I am the ideal host ...

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